What to Expect in Counseling
Simply put, therapy is a collaborative process by which you are guided to work on concerns that bother you. You learn to identify what your strengths are and where you may be getting stuck. People choose therapy for a variety of reasons including feelings of sadness, anxiety, being overwhelmed, difficulty getting tasks completed and life transitions.  Some people come to therapy because they realize they need a change and for others, a support person has noticed they need help and encouraged them to go.

Therapy is often a place that you can begin to practice the new skills you are learning. A very important concept behind therapy is that you get what you give. This means the more willing you are to trust and participate in the process, the more you will see positive changes in your life. This is why choosing the right therapist is a very personal decision. You want to make sure you feel safe and supported to do the work needed for lasting change.

From me you can expect active listening, guided feedback and ongoing support. I ask for vulnerability so strive to create the safe place needed for real change to occur. Therapy is a two way process so I am open to feedback you have about how things are going along the way.

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