Erin fassnacht, lcsw

Change, expected or unexpected, inevitably stirs up emotions. Sometimes you may be able to easily navigate these emotions and other times may be more difficult. You may find yourself getting stuck in your thoughts and worries. Your emotions may feel overwhelming, even paralyzing. You may even find that the transition brings up old, unresolved hurts. Whatever this change stirs up for you, the important thing to remember is that you do not have to navigate this alone. My work is to support you through your transition, but more than that, help to see the growth opportunities in it and thrive.

I respect and appreciate the strength it took to reach out for help. My approach honors this courage and strives to find balance between supporting your process and gently offering challenges to keep you growing. I work with adults struggling with mood and anxiety disorders. My specialty is working with pregnant and postpartum women.

​In therapy clients can expect to learn to handle big emotions, tap into their inherent strengths, cultivate important relationships, set limits with unhealthy relationships and effectively communicate needs and wants. I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together.